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How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Looking for how to get rid of squirrels quickly? Let me guess… you tried… cayenne pepper? Dogs? Electric fences? Traps, baits, and detergents? Name it, I’m sure you have tried it. But were you really able to get rid of those pesky squirrels wandering around your property? And what is the best way to get rid of squirrels?

One way to get rid of squirrels effectively is with a good squirrel repellent. We’ve scoured every corner of the web to find the best squirrel repellents available. This article will give you a rundown on each product. We’ll address each squirrel repellent’s pros and cons, as well as the main selling points. We’ll also look at squirrel repellent frequently asked questions. We’ll also tell you why you should buy one squirrel repellent vs. another. One thing is for sure though, the best squirrel repellant will fix your squirrel problems for good. 

Why Do I Want to Get Rid of Squirrels?

Squirrels are rodents and a nuisance in your yard. They will eat your vegetables and fruits. They will munch on your patio chairs. They will destroy the wirings under the hood of your car. They will eat your birdseed right out of your bird feeder. They will chew on tree bark and even rummage through your trash. Get rid of squirrels first and foremost by not feeding them. You can also remove what attracts them. Some people try to scare them (hint: this doesn’t work). You can try to spray liquid formulas where they usually lurk. You can also install state-of-the-art ultrasonic sound devices that repel squirrels. Some people even try to trap them and relocate them.

Whatever you decide, you first need to assess the squirrel activity in your yard. Then you will be able to determine the best solution to your problem. You might have ground squirrels, moles, voles and other critters lurking around your property so it’s important to know that squirrels are the main problem. Once you discover there is in fact squirrel activity on your property, it’s time to get rid of those pesky pests.

So, How Do I Get Rid of Squirrels?

Getting rid of squirrels is as simple as having the right tools. The home remedies don’t really work. And even if you get rid of squirrels for some time, they’ll just come back. You need a product that continually pushes squirrels away. So, let’s get on to it then and find the top-rated squirrel repellents that are best for your squirrel infestation situation.

7 Best Squirrel Repellents

1. RIVENNA Ultrasonic Animal Chaser

How to Get Rid of Squirrelsbest ultrasonic squirrel repeller
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • Solar-Powered
  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Two Repellers in One (Light and Sound)
  • Repels Squirrels Well
  • Repels Many Other Critters Too
  • May Bother Your Pet Depending on Frequency Used

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellent?

The Ultrasonic Animal Chaser is the best squirrel repeller on the market for several reasons. Number one, most squirrel repellents don’t work or don’t work very often, this one does. Number two, it’s high quality and well-made. Number three, it has a lot of modes and functions and can protect your lawn and garden against more than just squirrels. Number four, it’s waterproof and durable. And lastly, it’s solar-powered, so you can just set it and forget it.

This squirrel repeller is more than just a squirrel repeller. It can get rid of raccoons, birds, foxes, rodents, deer, and even dogs and cats. It has two functions. The first function is its ultrasonic function. It has four speakers that emit ultrasonic frequencies and has five modes depending on what animal you are looking to get rid of. Three of these modes relate to the ultrasonic frequencies and operate in different spectrum ranges (some frequencies are more or less irritating to different animals). The fourth mode is the second function, which uses of powerful LED flashing lights that scare away pests. The fifth mode will cycle through modes one through four.

The LED light and sonic alarm are triggered by a motion detector when an animal comes with 30 feet of the repeller. It uses infrared and can detect an angle of 110 degrees fanning out from the repeller. This is a pretty wide range but if you need to cover more ground you will need to buy more than one device.

The durable plastic can withstand all types of weather and this repeller is IP44 grade weather-resistant, making it waterproof. This high grade construction also makes it very durable. It can be used to repeller squirrels in a wide variety of areas: your lawn or yard, garden, orchard, crop field, or any other open area. It is powered by solar energy (and three AA rechargeable batteries) so you don’t have to worry about charging it, however, if you did need to charge it it can also be charged by USB.

Best Squirrel Repellent For…

Anyone looking to get rid of squirrels and other animals too. It has a wide range of frequencies and so it can repel a wide variety of critters. It even works on birds, cats, snakes, mice, skunks, and other large animals such as deer or dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Repellent

1. How many should I buy?

Due to the 110-degree radius, you’ll need to have at least three if you’re trying to cover 360 degrees in open lawn for every 2,826 square foot area. However, it ultimately depends on how much area you are planning on covering. If you are using it for a garden, you’ll usually only need two, one for each side of your garden (unless your garden is abnormally large). A lawn or garden longer or wider than 60 feet will need more than two because it can only detect squirrels 30 feet away.

2. Is this product safe for pets?

Depending on the frequency you need to use, it is safe for pets. However, if you are using a frequency that also pertains to your pet, it won’t be safe if your pet gets near it. You will have to use some common sense.

3. Is it safe for humans?

In most cases, yes, it will be safe for humans. However, there are some people who are sensitive to ultrasonic sounds.

2. IMUSTGARDEN Squirrel Repellent

How to Get Rid of Squirrelsbest squirrel repellant
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • People, Pet and Plant Safe
  • No Offensive Odors
  • Easy to Apply
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Available in Ready to Use Spray or Granules
  • May wash off surfaces when it rains

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellant?

The IMUSTGARDEN Squirrel Repellant Products comes in three different packaging options. They have the 32 oz RTU Spray, 2 packs of 32 oz Spray, and 1 Gallon RTU (128 fl. oz.). This product is specifically designed to repel squirrels, chipmunks, and skunks.

It contains natural ingredients that are pet friendly. It is also the best squirrel repellant for car owners with chipped wire problems. You can spray this product directly on your car engine wirings without damaging the car. It will prevent squirrels from nesting in your car’s warm engine bay.

The manufacturer does not recommend this for birdfeeders. Customers might have great success in using it as a squirrel repellant in bird feeders. But some squirrels are stubborn and ignore the irritants in our products. Using the product on bird feeders will not harm the birds. 

Best Squirrel Repellant For…

Those who have kids running around the garden. It is also recommended for those who have pets like cats and dogs, families who often use the lawns for gatherings. Car owners who have wiring problems will benefit from this as well because of chipmunk and squirrel bites. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Repellant

1. Will this harm my dog or the birds?

No, it will not harm your dog nor the birds. It is safe to use around pets like dogs, cats, and birds but not around guinea pigs, mice, and the like. It is environmentally safe, pet safe, and child safe. 

2. Can I spray it on my patio chair? Will it leave a stain?

It is okay to spray in on other surfaces like patio chairs, the engine bay of cars, flowers, plants, tree barks, lawn, picket fences. Since it is made of all-natural products it will not leave a stain. Just spray an ample amount on the surface. Do not overdo the spraying. 

3. Does it also help in preventing squirrels from digging up my garden?

Not this particular product. It will prevent the squirrels from chewing up plants and other objects in the garden. It is best to use the granules variant on the ground to prevent chipmunks, voles, moles, and squirrels from digging up the ground. 

3. Victor M793 Ultra Sonic Pest Chaser Rodent Repellent

How to Get Rid of Squirrelsbest ultra sonic squirrel repeller
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • Easy to Use (Plug and Play)
  • Heavy Duty
  • No Chemicals or Poison
  • Works for additional pests
  • No baiting or setting required
  • Recommended for Indoor Use (but you can use it outside with some creativity)

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellant?

This plug and play Ultra Sonic Pest Chaser from Victor is one of the best squirrel repellants. It repels other pests like mice, rats, and rodents. The garage and the attic are the usual targets of squirrels when you have not cleaned your attic in a very long time. You need to locate an open area in a room where the pests are suspected to be present. The high-frequency sound emitted by this device is not heard by humans, cats, or dogs, so, it is safe for your pets. 

One downside is that it’s designed for mainly for indoor use. However, you can use it outdoors as long as you keep it protected from rain and other inclement weather. If you have a shed with electricity, you can open your shed window or door and blast it outside. Some people have also used generators with this and then plug it in outside wherever they want. Many people have seen a lot of success with this method.

Note: if you have rodent pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, and the like, please transfer them to another room. Some sound-emitting pest repellants can be set to different levels of decibels that can harm your pets – this one WILL NOT HARM YOUR PETS. This particular device is designed only to target rodents and mice. 

Best Squirrel Repellant For…

Those who have indoor squirrel problems, specifically in garages and attics. It is also recommended for homes that have other pest problems inside the house. Make sure to place it in a part of a room where the sound waves emitted will not be hindered. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Repellant

1. Will the whole house be protected from squirrels if the device is plugged?

This new technology can only protect the room where it is installed and located. You have to strategically place the unit in an open space. The ideal placement would not be behind furniture. Putting out one unit per room is the best way to protect your house. Ultrasonic sound does not pass through solid surfaces but bounces on it. 

2. Does it work outdoors?

Yes! It will work outdoors, but the design is meant to be used indoors. Therefore, be sure to keep it protected if you use it outdoors. Also, you will need a power source to plug it in. 

3. Is it safe for pets? 

Yes. The sound is set to a level that only irritates rodents. It will not harm cats, dogs, or humans. The sound emitted is like a jackhammer noise that drives away rodents but can’t be heard by humans or pets. If you have guinea pigs, mice, and the like as pets, it is best to transfer them in a room where there is no Pest Chaser installed.

4. MOLEMax Rodent and Squirrel Repellent Granules by Bonide

How to Get Rid of Squirrelssquirrel repellent granuels
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • Economical: One Package Treats 5,000 Square Feet
  • Safe for Humans: Contains Natural Irritants Only
  • Best for Complete Yard Protection
  • Also Repels Moles, Voles, Rabbits, Skunks, Gophers, and Other Wild Pests
  • Easy Application
  • Lasts for Up to Three Months
  • Need a Grass Spreader to Spread it Quickly

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellant?

This is the best squirrel repellant for lawns and farms with burrowing animals. It’s best for small gardens and farms that have persistent burrowing problems. The formula penetrates deep into the soil where animals tend to burrow. It is highly affordable and 10 lb. pack of Molemax can treat up to 5,000 sq. ft. and is advertised to last up to 3 months. Pets are safe from this because it contains only natural irritants. It is recommended to keep dogs and cats away from the treated ground though.

This squirrel repellent only has one downside, spreading it. If you’re spreading it by hand it’s going to take you a long time to spread these squirrel repelling granules. However, if you buy a good grass spreader you can lower the amount of time it takes you to spread it.  

Best Squirrel Repellant For…

Those who have lawns or gardens with persisting burrow problems from pests like squirrels and moles. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

1. How long will the application last?

Applications last for 1 month. Since squirrels are territorial, it is best to apply them every month for at least 3 months. After this, it is recommended to apply the granules every other month. 

2. Is it safe to use in my vegetable garden?

Yes. The active ingredients are castor oil, sawdust, granite, and cornstarch. These are natural irritants but safe to use for vegetable gardens and plants.

3. Does it work on squirrels?

Yes. Specifically, ground squirrels. 

5. Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller, Solar Powered

How to Get Rid of Squirrelssquirrel repeller adjustable frequencies
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • Solar Powered
  • Safe for Humans
  • Great for Lawns
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Nearly No Maintenance
  • Sensor Senses Only 110 Degrees

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellant?

Why choose this ultrasonic squirrel repeller? Well, it’s a sophisticated device that is easy to use. Although it is a little pricey compared to organic repellants, it promises to be highly effective. It has five different modes to choose from that you can easily set with a knob. You can set it to different frequencies. It can target different pests, from rodents to dears and other wild animals.

Another selling point of this device is that it is solar-powered, wireless, and rechargeable. The charging time is 7 hours. You automatically recharge the device at no extra cost – just the sun! How good is that!? Make sure that the solar panels are clean to receive enough sunlight. Make sure they are installed in a strategic position. 

Since you are not setting traps and planting messy chemicals, you do not need a cleanup team when you find a dead squirrel in your yard. It will just repel the wild animal as long as it is in range. As I said, it is a complicated device that is easy to use. It has a PIR or Passive Infrared Sensor that detects motion and triggers the ultrasonic sound. The effective range is about 8-9 meters with an angle of 110 degrees. 

Best Squirrel Repellant For…

It is best for people who have problem with stray cats, squirrels, chipmunks. It also repels other pesky wild animals that roam around the backyard. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

1. How do I recharge it?

There is no need to recharge the device. Once you plant it on the lawn it will work on its own. You just have to make sure that it gets the maximum sunlight. To maximize solar charging, wipe the solar panel with a clean cloth. 

2. How many do I need for my backyard? 

It is advisable to get at least two for a back yard or a front yard since the device is repellant on a 110-degree angle. You should position one on the left side of the yard, and another one on the right side of the yard. 

3. How far is the range? 

The sensor will be triggered at 6-8 meters and will scare the squirrel while on the perimeter. 

6. All Natural Rodent and Squirrel Defense Spray

How to Get Rid of Squirrelsbest anti squirrel spray
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • All Natural and Effective
  • Good Smelling
  • Safe to Use Around Children and Pets
  • Long-Lasting!
  • Doesn’t Stain
  • Not Weather-Proof

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellant?

Rodent Defense from Exterminator Choice is designed for home or garden protection. It repels pesky squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons.  All other unwanted pests that roam around your lawn will be repelled whatever time of day. It comes in 32 ounces ready-to-use spray bottles. It doesn’t have an odorous smell which makes it recommended for use in your garden or small farm. You can spray it on other surfaces, and it won’t stain and leave an unwanted mark. 

Among their other products, this is designed to target pesky pests around the home. It is best sprayed on entry points of squirrels and other pests like trash areas, garages, attics, gardens, and even your car engine bay. It is not just organic but also aromatherapeutic which makes it easy to sell. It is made with essential oils of peppermint and rosemary. 

Best Squirrel Repellant For…

Those who have unwanted animals in the yard. It is recommended for small gardens, trash areas, and bird feeders. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

1. Is it okay to use under the car hood? 

It can be used under the hood of the cars. You can protect your wirings. But there is a specific product from Exterminators Choice that specializes in that. This product is best for plants and gardens. 

2. Can I spray it on painted wood of the fence or wall of the house without damaging the paint?

Yes. It is okay to spray in on the walls of the house or picket fences. It will not cause damage to the paint. It is made of all-natural products that will not stain any type of surface. Apply 1-2 sprays on any surface to repel squirrels and other rodents. Do not overspray. 

3. How long will the product take effect? And fast will the squirrel go away?

The product is most effective after spray and effectiveness will last about 24-48 hours. You will have to re-spray thereafter for at least 5 days to have the pesky rodents leave the premises. 

7. Critter Ridder Squirrel Spray by Havahart

How to Get Rid of Squirrelsbest squirrel spray
How to Get Rid of Squirrels
  • All-Natural Organic Formula
  • Rain-Resistant
  • OMRI Listed and EPA Registered
  • Safe for Pets and Kids
  • Long-Lasting Application
  • Not Recommended for Spraying on Cars

Why is this the Best Squirrel Repellant?

The Critter Ridder is distributed by Havahart. The company also has other pest control products. It is designed to protect your home and your garden from pesky squirrels, raccoons, rats, mice, and other unwanted rodents. According to the label, it contains no pyrethrins that can be harmful to pets. It is non-staining when you spray it on plants and other surfaces.

This pest control spray comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle. It is EPA registered and USDA approved. It is also made with organic essential oils, making it safe. It is compliant with gardening. Although it is safe for pets, this formula will also repel your dogs and cats from sprayed areas. So, if you do not want stray dogs or your neighbor’s pets rummaging through your garbage, you can spray this on that area.  

Best Squirrel Repellant For…

It is the best squirrel repellent for those who have time to apply this formula every 30 days. You have to reapply regularly to make sure that unwanted squirrels and other pests return. 

Frequently Asked Questions About This Product

1. Where is the best place to spray it? 

It is best sprayed on plants, vegetable gardens, bird feeders, garbage cans, landscapes. It is ideal for spot treatments. You can avoid those pesky raccoons chewing the electrical wiring in your car. You can also use this on your patio chair by spraying an ample amount directly on it. The ingredients irritate raccoons, squirrels, and other critters. But it does not irritate cats and dogs, which makes it safe to spray on any outdoor surface. 

2. Can I spray it on my patio chair? Will it leave a stain?

Yes. It is okay to spray in on different surfaces like chairs, car wirings, flower pots, plants, tree barks, lawns, fences. Critter Ridder is made of all-natural products and will not stain surfaces, plants, and vegetables. Apply 1-2 sprays on any surface to repel squirrels and other rodents. Do not overspray. 

3. Will the product get rid of birds from coming back? 

No, it will not. The natural ingredients of the product are not harmful to birds, dogs, or cats. If you have a bird feeder, you can directly spray on it, and birds will still come back for food while raccoons and squirrels will not. 

What is the Best Natural Way to Get Rid of Squirrels?

There are three ways of getting rid of critters and pests of all sizes: repel, scare, or trap. You might need to combine these techniques in some cases. Repelling works by mimicking the smell of a predator or a dead animal. This will make the animal look for food elsewhere. The most common repellents are sprays and granules. You can spray liquid form on shrubs, vegetable gardens, plants, and other surfaces to cover more ground. On the other hand, the granules are for perimeter protection. This can prevent the burrowing of rodents and other critters. You just have to sprinkle them on the ground and make a perimeter. 

The scare method is practically self-explanatory. You place a device on your perimeter that is triggered by light, movement, timer, or just a “scarecrow” type device. The most common method is light-emitting, and water sprinkling method which is triggered by a sensor. The third type is by trapping the animal. There are different types and sizes of traps for squirrels and the like. 

When Should I Apply Squirrel Repellents?

You should apply repellants ASAP. At the first signs of any squirrel activity, apply any method to prevent them from establishing their ground. Do not let them make your home their territory. You can either repel, scare them, or trap them. You can combine these methods to make sure that your property is squirrel free. 

If not prevented they will establish patterns or habits in your yard and will cause you dollars in damages. They might not just roam around your backyard or front yard but can go inside your homes especially the attic or the garage. So, as soon as you see a squirrel or any rodent activity, do the necessary steps to get rid of them. Do not postpone. If you cannot do it yourself. Call an expert exterminator immediately. 

What are Squirrels Afraid of? 

Squirrels are an intelligent bunch. They are persistent wild rodents but they have a weakness. You can get rid of them even if they have established a pattern or habit in your territory. They are most frightened of spicy smells. They do not like black pepper, peppermint, garlic, and piperine.  Neither does capsaicin, castor oil, and other spicy smelling foods. It irritates their mouths and makes them go away. They can easily be attracted to food so they rummage garbage cans and they will keep coming back. If you feed them, they will keep coming back. If you have garbage lying around, they will come back. 

There are also certain groups of flowers that squirrels are afraid of. They cannot stand Daffodils. There is something in the scent of these flowers that squirrels cannot stand. Alliums are ornamental flowers that can repel squirrels as well. There are members of the onion family. They are also afraid of fritillaries, Galanthus, hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, and geraniums. 

Aside from the natural methods, there is also the scientific way of repelling them… ultrasonic repellants. But do they work? 

Do Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellants Work?

The ultrasonic squirrel repellant was invented in 2003. With the advancement of technology in pest control, ultrasonic repellants improved through upgrades. But the ultimate question is: Do ultrasonic soundwaves really work? Does it repel and scare squirrels and other wild pesky animals? 

These types of repellant came to surface in the market as early as 2001. They have been developed throughout the years. Notable improvements have been added to the earlier versions. With the FTC intervention on the claims of ultrasonic repellant, the manufacturers are now more conservative in advertising their products. They do not advertise false claims regarding the effectiveness of the devices. They do not claim 100% effectiveness on any pests anymore. They keep a realistic perspective on how ultrasonic sounds work. They make sure that these products contribute to repelling pests altogether. 

Recent studies show that they really do work. Effectiveness diminishes over time though. Rodents, just like cockroaches, can adapt to environmental challenges to survive. Aside from ultrasonic repellents, you should try to combine other methods. Perhaps natural repelling strategies and trapping methods can work.

Best Squirrel Repellants: Conclusion

Know the squirrel activity in your yard. Are you ready to be a hands-on exterminator? Can you spend time observing them weekly? Do you have time to refill or respray? Can you recheck the property regularly? Or,  can you shell out a little bit more money to purchase state of the art ultrasonic repellants? Again, you can combine methods and techniques to get rid of those pesky critters. 

Needless to say, what is effective to your backyard is dependent on the activity of the pests, your lifestyle routine, and how aggressive you want to get rid of those squirrels. It is okay to shell in a few more bucks. If it gives you that peace of mind, invest in the best squirrel repellant. Make sure no critter crawls or lurks around your backyard. Drive them away from your attic and garage. 

Do not despair when one product doesn’t work. These pests are intelligent and can adapt to the environment pretty quickly. You have to be passionate and dedicated to getting rid of them. Why? Because they are persistent in going back to your yard every day. Do not indulge them and feed them, they will go back for more food. Do not leave your garbage cans open. This will attract more wild animals to your home. Keep your yard clean. Keep your garage clean. Keep your attic clean! Do not leave food on the patio or porch. These curious squirrels certainly will read this as an invitation for them to visit you. 

With a little bit of hard work, you will get rid of those squirrels in no time. Good luck!