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Best Water Coolers

We all know the iconic images of gossipping over a styrofoam cup of water from movies and sitcoms, but water dispensers are making a presence in places beyond an office kitchenette. Whether they’re used for functionality, convenience, or the desire to be more environmentally friendly, water coolers are being used in a variety of settings from the office to right at home. Even more, people are ditching styrofoam cups and using water dispensers to keep water bottles filled to the brim. 

In addition to disposable containers and plastic water bottles making mountains in landfills, the logistics and costs attributed to producing water bottles is tremendous. In one year alone, the production of water jugs and bottles demands the use of 6 million gallons of fuel, not to mention the water that is wasted from partially consumed and nameless bottles left lying around at parties and family reunions. 

From the start of the market period in 2018, water cooler ownership is expected to grow 6.77% by 2022. The longevity and energy efficiency of water coolers is turning heads itself and is no longer just a meeting point for others to talk about co-workers sending waves across cubicles. 

Today’s vast and infinite selection of water coolers is doing more than just chilling water, and it may take you by surprise. With today’s expansive collection of water dispensers, there is no shortage of models to accommodate for all of your needs, whether it be maximizing space, wanting drinks of all temperatures, or even the addition of a compact ice maker. 

Gone are the days where water coolers just cool, but today they are looking cooler than ever before with a variety of options in colors and finishes.  To give you a better sense of what your options are for water dispensers, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best water coolers on the market. 

Happy hydrating!

The 10 Best Water Coolers

1. Primo Top Loading Water Cooler

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Best Water Coolers

Key Features: Spill-proof water bottle holder with “Leak Guard”; Quiet operation

Do you want ice cold or hot water at the push of a button? The Primo top-loading water cool allows you simple and easy access to hot or cold water. There’s also a third spout for room temperature water. It’s also an extremely quiet unit so you’ll hardly notice it’s in the room.

The bottle holder is also spill proof, a huge perk for anyone who has dealt with water coolers before. Usually water is all over the place and you’re on your hands and knees mopping the floor after loading a jug. With this water cooler you don’t have to worry about created a mess, the Leak Guard stops that in its tracks.

It’s also just a stunning looking unit. The black finish with stainless steel accents really make it pop and stand out. Unlike most watercoolors that seem to stick out like a sore thumb, this really looks nice in your kitchen or office.

It has child resistant features for those with little ones running around that like to get into things they shouldn’t. It’s also energy star approved and UL certified. The water reservoir is stainless steel and the indicator lights come on whenever the unit is heating or cooling your water.

This unit is extremely affordable, extremely stylish, and boasts a lot of features. Overall, the top pick for watercoolors, the Primo top-loading water cooler is a great choice.

2. Brio CL500 Commercial Grade Water Dispenser

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Best Water Coolers

Key Features: No-spill top for easy loading; High-quality compressor that is energy efficient

Looking for a more traditional watercooler model for the home or office? Look no further than the Brio CL500 model. While providing both hot and cold water, the CL500 model holds both three and five gallon jugs to keep everyone happy and hydrated.

The dispenser is powered by an energy efficient, Energy Star rated compressor with a low cycle rate to keep added noise down. When refilling the reservoir, the no-spill top prevents loss of water and footage for a bad infomercial. The CL500 is also equipped with child locks to keep kids’ curiosity at bay and is made of durable ABS plastic to support the longevity of the model. The combined features of this model make promise for a simple yet functional addition to your space of choice. 

3. ROVSUN Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Stand

Best Water Coolersbest top loading water cooler
Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Bottom-level storage cabinet

Water coolers – as much of a household staple they are becoming – also carry the baggage of taking up needed space. This model by ROVSUN includes a 9 inch wide and 6.5 inch tall upper cabinet and 9.3 wide by 6.1 tall storage cabinet, the perfect place for cups, glasses or drink condiments. The model’s hot water is dispensed at a toasty 185-203℉ and cold water at an ice cold 41-50℉, providing the ability to accomodate for every season and preference of beverage your heart desires. 

Water cooler compressors don’t take up the entirety of the dispener’s stand, and this model shows what using every square inch of wasted space can offer. Your purchase will also be protected with a one year warranty, further adding to the model’s unique qualities. 

4. Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top-Load Water Dispenser Cooler: Essential Series 

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Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Modern, stain-free design

Who says water dispensers only come in one color? The Brio model offers a version in sleek black to preserve the modern look of a 21st century – and 2019 – kitchen or workspace. Forget having to wipe up dried coffee stains on the daily. The modern and sleek design of the model will allow you to integrate the dispenser into your space of choice, from the office and dorm to kitchen and garage. Functionality is not synonymous with being an eyesore, and the five-gallon capacity Brio proves it. Added child safety locks, durable ABS exterior plastic and the stainless steel water reservoir round out the features of the CL520 model. 

5. Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Best Water Coolersbest stainless steel water cooler
Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Stainless steel finish

To keep on the sleek over bland design kick, the Whirlpool commercial model comes in stainless steel and can blend easily with modern kitchen appliances. If you are planning to use it in a workspace, the shiny look takes the blah out of a prototypical office watercooler.  Ice cold and piping hot water powered by a high efficiency compressor can be dispensed at the touch of a button in absence of toggles. 

To further support energy efficiency, the Resource Saver™ switch prompts the hot water to be turned off when not in use, but remains hot when you are ready to dispense. The model’s optimized cooling technology maximizes the dispenser’s longevity by eliminating frequent powering-on of the compressor. Investing in this model as an addition to your home will make your stainless style kitchen look as one. 

6. Costway 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker 

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Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Tri-temp dispenser with built-in ice maker

If you thought water coolers only dispensed liquid water, think again. Its 2019, and Costway offers a hot and cold dispenser that includes – wait for it – an ice machine. The model can produce 27 pounds of ice per day, holding 4 pounds of ice at any given time. Every 6 to 14 minutes, it produces 9 bullet ice cubes, promising a bottomless supply of ice cold drinks. 

Not feeling ice cold water or a hot beverage? The has a tri-temp assembly, allowing you to dispense room temperature water. By owning a water dispenser with a built-in ice machine, maybe now you can power off your freezer ice dispenser and have room for a tub of ice cream in the back corner of the ice box instead. The added LED indicators will allow you to see if the hot and cold water regulators are running or if it is producing ice. 

7. Costway Stainless Water Cooler Dispenser

Best Water Coolersbest stainless steel water cooler
Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Compact design is great for those looking to save space

Another modern take on water dispensary, the black and stainless steel Costway model is equipped with LED light indicators to show the activated temperature controls for hot and cold water. The unique high-clearance design of the dispensary column allows for filling taller water bottles and containers. Once you get to the office or class, you can spend less time filling your container at the drinking fountain and more time hydrating. 

Pushing down on the switch-style toggles allows for hands free dispensary and adds to the modern and minimalist look of the model. No need to bear holding down the toggle when filling a pitcher for family dinner. The model keeps functionality and efficiency in mind for both its and your time-crunched responsibilities. 

8. Hamilton Beach Top Loading Water Dispenser

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Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Bottom storage great for space saving or storing extras

Hamilton Beach offers a black and stainless steel model with a bottom storage cabinet with light indicators for maximizing space with a modern touch. With stainless steel on the inside of the reservoir, the dispenser serves clean and tasty water day in and day out while promising lasting quality and durability. 

The push button controls allow for the dispensary of hot and cold water on demand. The model also supports energy efficiency through manual powering off of the hot or cold reservoirs at the touch of a button. This model promises minimal operation noise and the best tasting water. 

9. NutriChef Countertop Water Cooler 

Best Water Coolersbest countertop water dispenser
Best Water Coolers

Key Feature: Accommodates limited space and compact living

Yes, water coolers too can have their very own mini-me. The Nutrichef table-top design is ideal for the office, dorms, kitchens and anywhere with limited space. Don’t be fooled by the shorter base of dispenser – it can still accommodate for three to five-gallon jugs. Hands-free dispensary makes hydrating and sipping a hot drink even easier for you. 

Cold water is dispensed at a refreshingly chilling 0 to 45°F and hot water is dispensed at a steamy 170 to 175°F. Do not fret as the hot water toggle is equipped with a child safety lock to prevent accidents or burns. The model comes in white, bronze and gray, offering a color pallet fit for any room design. Your kitchen blender will have a more sizable opponent with the addition of the Nutrichef model. 

10. Avalon Premium Hot and Cold Top-Loading Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

Best Water Coolersbest countertop water dispenser and water cooler
Best Water Coolers

Key Features: Comes in many styles and sizes designed to match any decor/space; High quality and energy star approved

This hot and cold water dispenser is great for maximizing space and is also family friendly with an added child lock feature. For an ice cold glass of water after a run, or hot tea to soothe an oncoming cold, this model has both of your needs covered. 

Dispensing water from this cooler can be done similar to that of soda fountain dispensers by holding up the container to the press paddles. The Avalon model also accommodates for either a three gallon or five gallon jug depending on your needs. 

The sleek table-top design will make your kitchen feel less like an office and more like a home. The slim build of the tabletop dispenser also adds to the model’s compact traits, further maximizing its use of space and eliminating added bulk. 

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Water Cooler

When determining what defines the best water coolers on the market in a general sense, there are a number of attributes to look for in the available models. Though many models are now offering distinctive and unique qualities, from ice-makers to tri-temperature dispensary, the best models align with a universal set of guidelines that indicate quality. Water dispensers that possess these top five features will deliver promising results:  

  1. Stainless Steel Reservoir: Though top-loading water coolers are often a more affordable option of a water dispenser to begin with, as a buyer, you value durability and a product that is built to last. Water dispensers with a stainless steel reservoir are associated with a longer lifespan and also make the water better-tasing. Avoid coolers that are not equipped with this feature as you may not end up getting your return on investment. 

  2. Child Safety Locks: Now that many water coolers are not just cooling water – but are also heating it, ensuring that kids cannot get burned is a concern. Even more, kids are curious and are inclined to explore what toggles and buttons do. Most water coolers on the market are equipped with a child safety lock, but it is not a universal feature. Be sure to look at this when making your purchase. 

  3. High Efficiency Compressor: Ensuring that water coolers have a high efficiency compressor as a key feature is promising when looking to minimize noise of the water cooler. For dispensers that provide both hot and cold water, higher efficiency compressors can also regulate temperature controls more precisely and consistently. 

  4. Energy Star Rated: Energy Star ratings and certification indicates an appliance’s energy efficiency capacity and is also a sign for your ability to save money when making a purchase. Dispensers with Energy Star certification will trigger its compressor for heating and cooling the water less frequently. This means lower electricity bills and less background noise for you. 

  5. Total Water Capacity: Many water dispenser models on today’s market accommodate for five gallon jugs, but some also allow for the use of three gallon jugs depending on your needs. Make sure to pay attention to how much water the model can hold relative to the cost to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Even tabletop models on today’s market allow for the use of three and five gallon jugs. 

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