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Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractors

When you’re out on the farm trying to get work done before the sun goes down, the last thing on your mind is your tractor seat. Then, later on when you get home you’re wondering why your back is killing you. The problem is, many of us have worn out or old tractor seats and it’s the last thing we’d think about was causing a problem. However, a good tractor seat can be the difference between a comfortable day and day of pain and soreness.

The best tractor seat not only provides adequate support for your spine and your lower back, it also gives you some added comfort. A good tractor seat will have a high level of padding in order to provide comfortable cushioning. Also, if your tractor is used in the rain or left outside a lot, you’ll also want to find a seat that’s waterproof. If you like to lean back when you’re riding along you might want to consider getting a tractor seat with a high back for additional back support.

Another thing to look for when buying a tractor seat online is one with the proper dimensions. Be sure to take a tape measure and measure the width from the outside of one thigh to the outside of the other thigh. Your tractor seat should be at least 75% of this width.

Last, but not least, look for a seat with a good suspension system. A good suspension system will take a lot of the wear and tear off your body. Many of the newer seats have an adjustable suspension system. Some seats also come with adjustable lumbar support, adjustable slides, and adjustable base angle and even arm rests.

5 Best Tractor Seats

1. Grammer MSG95 Air Suspension Tractor Seat

Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractorsbest farming tractor seat
Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractors
  • Ultra comfort
  • 3.9 inches of air suspension
  • Self-contained compressor for stable pressure
  • Arm rest adjustment
  • Height adjustment
  • Slide adjustment
  • Steel design and very durable
  • Expensive

Grammer is the king when it comes to tractor seats. The MSG95 Tractor Seat is arguably one of the best agricultural seats they make. Designed for tractors, loaders, and other types of heavy machinery, it is able to fit universally into almost any equipment.

The list of features on this tractor seat is absolutely incredible. Not only is it extremely comfortable with 3.9″ of air suspension and a built-in air compressor to keep constant pressure, but it also boasts the following features:

  • Slide adjustment for fore and aft movement
  • Seat height adjustment of up to 3.2″
  • Support for weights up to 385 lbs.
  • Adjustable and foldable arm rests
  • Lumbar support

With its air suspension this tractor seat gives a smooth ride even over large rocks and big ruts. The lumbar support is excellent for those with back problems or back pain too. It’s also built tough and made of heavy duty steel.

A solid seat by a solid company and worth every penny.

2. Trac Seats Waffle Style Universal Tractor Seat

Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractorsbest tractor seat for tractor
Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractors
  • Affordable
  • Fits a wide variety of tractors
  • Comfort ride suspension
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Angle adjustment
  • Slide adjustment
  • Weight adjustment
  • 5-year warranty
  • Weight limit of 275 pounds

Trac Brand tractor seats are among the best tractor seats on the market and fit a wide variety of tractors. This Waffle Style Tractor Seat is one of their best, designed with both comfort and durability in mind with its heavy duty steel construction and comfort ride suspension.

All Trac Brand tractor seats are tested to ensure that they are up to spec and are all of high quality and durability. This particular seat is made of heavy duty vinyl and is extremely well-made. It has a waffle design that is both comfortable and practical. Not only does it feel good to sit on it also is self-draining, for those days when you don’t get a chance to get the tractor in the barn, or for those who leave their tractor outside.

The seat also has lower lumbar support and is capable of being tilted to five different angles. It can be slid either forward or backward with the slide adjust. It also features a full adjustable suspension which Trac Seats calls “comfort ride suspension,” and it truly lives up to its name. The suspension can also be adjusted for a weight range of 110 – 275 pounds for maximum comfort. However, 275 pounds is the maximum weight limit supported by this seat, which is a bit of a bummer for bigger folk.

The seat comes in three parts and is simple to assemble. You have the heavy duty steel frame, the back rest and the seat. All you have to do is attach the seat to the frame and then bolt on the back rest. After that, it’s ready to be attached onto your tractor using the mounting holes.

This tractor seat is designed to fit Ford and New Holland tractors of the following models:

  • 2N 8N 9N NAA 
  • 600 601 640 
  • 800 801
  • 2000 2310 2600 2610 2810 2910
  • 3000 3010 3300 3320 3330 3400 3600 3610 3900 3910 3930 
  • 4000 4100 4110 4330 4340 4600 4600SU 4610
  • 5000 5100 5600 5610 5910
  • 6000 6600 6610
  • 7000 7100 7200 7600 7610 7700

If this tractor seat doesn’t fit your particular tractor, it’s not a major issue. All you have to do is drill some extra holes and then mount it up. When they company says the seat is universal, that’s not a misnomer. All in all, a great job but Trac Seats and one of the best tractor seats on the market.

If you’re looking for one that is of the same design for John Deer tractors, Trac Seats also makes an equivalent seat in John Deere yellow.

3. Concentric Universal Tractor Seat with Arm Rests

Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractorsbest tractor seat with armrests
Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractors
  • Affordable price
  • Quality build
  • Good looking leatherette
  • High back
  • Comfortable
  • Flip-down seat
  • Fold-up arm rests
  • No suspension (can be purchased separately though)
  • No height adjust

The Concentric Universal Tractor Seat is a good option if you want a high back and arm rests, at a great price. Not only is it universal to fit a wide variety or tractors, it’s also extremely durable with a heavy duty build. Top that off with a high level of comfort and you have a solid tractor seat here.

The seat is covered in a black leatherette vinyl covering that not only looks good, but it’s very durable and feels comfortable. The seat also offers a lot of cushioning which feels good even over bumping and jarring terrain. The arm rests offer a nice level of comfort, especially if you’re seated in a similar position all day long and used to having your arms raised without the support. You’ll definitely notice a difference when your arms and shoulders aren’t as sore the next day.

Although the seat offers a good amount of padding, the lack of suspension is a bit of a bummer. However, for the lower price and high quality build of this seat, it’s a fair trade off. If you’re upgrading from an old bucket metal seat or a seat with worn out of middle-of-the-road padding, you’ll definitely notice a huge difference. However, if you’re already used to a high level of cushioning, you’d be better off choosing a seat that has suspension or purchasing add-on suspension designed specifically for this tractor seat.

Some other nice features include the flip-down seat and the flip-up arm rests. If you prefer a more open design sometimes, just flip the arm rests back and they’re out of your way. When you’re done using the tractor for the day, just flip down the seat and you’re good to go.

This tractor seat measures 19 inches wide at the seat and 21.5 inches from front to back. It’s 23 inches wide from the outside of one arm rest to the outside of the other armrest. This is a nice level of room, especially if you’re used to a more narrow seat. However, if you’re a bigger guy you might want to stick to the Trac Seat (#2).

4. A&I John Deere Cushioned Tractor Seat

Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractorsbest John Deere tractor seat
Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractors
  • Solid construction
  • High level of cushioning
  • Fits many John Deere tractor models
  • Works on combines, sprayers and harvesters too
  • Affordable
  • Steel frame (not wood)
  • Designed for John Deere tractors only
  • Mounting kit must be purchased separately

Made specifically with John Deere tractors in mind, the A&I Cushioned Tractor Seat is an excellent choice for John Deere tractor lovers. This seat also works for some John Deere combines, sprayers and harvesters (listed below).

The best thing about this seat is its steel frame. A lot of cushioned seats for John Deere tractors are wood replacement seats. This seat is a lot more durable and comes in at a much more affordable price than what you’d normally see out there on the market for steel-framed seats.

It’s also an extremely comfortable seat. The vinyl is very durable and the stitching is well-done and neat. It does not come with a hardware set for mounting but you can buy a mounting kit the is designed specifically for this seat and save even more money than by buying the seat and kit together, which for some reason is more expensive.

This seat is designed to fit the following John Deere models:

  • John Deere tractors: 600, 820, 830, 2010, 2510, 2520, 3010, 3020, 4000, 4010, 4020, 4030, 4230, 4240, 4320, 4430, 4440, 4520, 4620, 4630, 5010, 5020, 6030, 7020, 7520
  • John Deere combines: 45, 55, 95, 105, 3300, 4400, 6600, 7700
  • John Deere sprayers: 6000
  • John Deere forage harvesters: 5200 & 5400

5. Universal Tractor Seat with Adjustable Suspension

Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractorsbest universal tractor seat
Best Tractor Seats for Farming Tractors
  • Affordable
  • Durable suspension
  • Large back rest
  • Open design
  • Extra padding
  • 5 angle tilt
  • No vertical adjustment
  • Weight limit not specified

The Universal Tractor Seat is another nice waffle style tractor seat with suspension. The three words that best describe this seat are durability, comfort and affordability.

It features an open design and sturdy suspension for max comfort even over jarring terrain. The manufacturer also put extra padding in this seat as compared to other tractor seats. It even features a much wider and longer trapezoid-style backrest for extra support as well.

Some additional features also add to the comfort level. The base has the option to be tilted to 5 different angles per your preference. There’s also a sliding track if you need to move the seat forward or backward.

Overall, an affordable choice with some nice features for the price.

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