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Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Need to save more space in your home or apartment? An over-the-door mirror or cabinet is a great idea. They’re also both practical and they don’t cost too much. Furthermore, over-the-door mirrors and cabinets will save you the time and effort that it takes to sit there all day with your power tools, a level, measuring tape, etc. trying to hang a mirror or cabinet perfectly. Then, just when you drill everything down you realize it’s slightly crooked, too high, too low, doesn’t look good in that space, etc. Your time and effort wasted. Add that to the new holes you just drilled in your wall. An over-the-door mirror, over-the-door cabinet, or combo, fixes all these problems.

What to Look for in an Over-the-Door Mirror

Safety: An over-the-door mirror should be safe and sturdy. Don’t bother buying one that is cheap only for the fact that it is cheap. Buy one that is made of high quality, shatter-proof glass. Also, look for made in the USA products as the materials tend to be better than those made outside of the USA.

Size: Before buying an over-the-door mirror, take the time to get out a measuring tape and make the proper measurements. You want to buy something that is large enough to see yourself in, but not too large that it hangs to the floor or covers the door. You don’t want to find out later on that the mirror is too wide or too long, and looks strange hanging on the door.

Materials: Over-the-door mirrors come in many different materials. Some are wood, some are plastic, and others are made of various metals. Ultimately it comes down to which style fits the decor of the room you plan on hanging it in. Keep in mind too that wood and metal will be more rigid and plastic will tend to be a bit more flimsy. If you have family members that constantly open and shut the door loudly, you’re best served by buying a mirror made with more rigid materials like metal or wood.

Ratings: Look for reviews that say “verified purchase.”  Always be cautious if you see too many positive reviews that all sound the same. Look for some reviews where people are not happy, not everyone is pleased with a product. Here a little bit of common sense goes a long way.

What to Look for in an Over-the-Door Cabinet

The same factors above also apply to over-the-door cabinets. However, the only other factors to take into consideration with the over-the-door cabinet are what you plan on storing in it and how much room you need on the other side of the door since it will stick out. If you have a small space and need to keep the door open often, an over-the-door cabinet might not be the best option. 

Think about the purpose of the cabinet. If you plan on hanging jewelry and clothes, there are over-the-door cabinets specifically designed for this purpose. If you plan on putting it in the bathroom there are others designed specifically to hold toiletries and bathroom accessories.

Take inventory of what you plan on storing in the cabinet and then look for one that will hold all of the items you plan on storing in it. It pays to do this because you might find out later on you need more space in the cabinet and then you don’t have it. It’s best to overshoot the space requirements a little bit to allow for extra you will surely buy as time goes on. 

The 5 Best Over-the-Door Mirrors

1. Organize City Full Length Over-the-Door Mirror – Best Overall

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest over the door mirror
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Finding a quality over the door mirror can be difficult. They are often flimsy, poorly made, fall apart easily, and not particularly functional. This is not the case with Organize City’s over-the-door mirror.

This over-the-door mirror is made with quality wood (not plastic like some of the others) and features a full length mirror with true reflection (not a fish eye or carnival mirror). In fact, the mirror is designed with true optics in mind to keep the image from appearing warped like most other mirrors.

It’s also easy to install and comes with a full set of hardware and instructions for installation. It even includes velcro to keep the mirror from wobbling side-to-side or swinging around when the door is opened and shut.

Don’t fuss around—if you’re looking for a great all-around over-the-door mirror of high quality that’s not too expensive and comes highly rated, stop looking, this is the one.

It measures 48″ high X 14″ wide X 2″ in depth.

2. Mirrotek Over The Door Hanging Dressing Mirror – Safest Mirror

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersshatterproof door mirror
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Mirrortek isn’t necessarily known to the broader public but the company has been around since 1942. They craft their products with the customer in mind and are known for their superior customer service as well as their quality products. The Mirrortek hanging mirror is a perfect example of their dedication to quality.

Made out of high quality shatterproof glass, the Mirrortek hanging door mirror is not only a great quality mirror, it is also the safest on the list. It’s also a great product for the “green” individual as it is made of locally sourced and sustainable wood. Proudly made in the USA, this mirror boasts absolutely zero distortion reflection.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the mirror is easy to install. In fact, the mirror has an ultra-slim profile and is light in weight which makes it ideal for hanging. That said, hardware is included if you do choose to wall mount the mirror instead.

It measures 48” high X 14” wide X 1.5” in depth.

3. Door Solutions Oval Over-the-Door Mirror in Bronze – Most Unique

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest oval over the door mirror
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

This over-the-door mirror is the most unique on the list because of its design. You don’t often see over-the-door mirrors that are oval-shaped. What’s great about this design is that if you get tired of using it as a hanging door mirror you can use it for decoration later on by hanging it horizontally on the wall over a piece of furniture.

Originally a Bed, Bath and Beyond exclusive product, this item is made to be of the highest quality. It features polished edge glass with a one-inch beveled design. Its made out of oil-rubbed bronze metal and the hanging hook is rubbed bronze as well.

Installation is a breeze as no tools are required whatsoever. The hanging hook only fits doors no thicker than one a three-quarters inches thick though. It comes with wall mounting hardware as well if your door ends up being slightly thicker than one and three-quarters inches.

It measures 54″ high X 18″ wide X ~1″ in depth.

4. Mirrotek Triple View Over-the-Door Dressing Mirror – Most Functional

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest triple view door mirror
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Another quality Mirrortek product, the triple view mirror is designed for those who want the dressing room feel in their own home. What’s great is that it also functions as a regular over-the-door mirror as well, with mirrored glass on the outside when the triple view is closed shut. This gives you four mirrors in one for those of you who are counting.

This mirror is full length and features true optics so you actually look like what you are seeing in the mirror. With the triple view you can also get a great view from all angles at what you look like in what you are wearing. (It also makes for a great decorative piece when placed on the ground behind plants and decorative pieces).

This mirror is professionally designed and it is made in the USA as well. The mirror is also made of shatterproof glass so you don’t have to be overly cautious when opening and closing the door it hangs on.

In addition to white, this mirror also comes in black, cherry, oak, and a black & white toile design. It can be installed by being hung or wall mounted (all hardware included). One thing to be cautious about is that the mounting hardware can scratch your door. If you’re worried about this just place pieces of cloth underneath the metal hangers.

It measures 42″ high X 48″ wide (when open), 14″ wide (when closed) X 2.25″ in depth.

5. ProDecor Quality Furniture Wood Frame Over The Door Mirror

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest wood over the door mirror
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Made of real natural wood and real glass, this over-the-door mirror by ProDecor fits the bill if you’re looking for something that is minimalist but with a high level of quality.

Its wooden frame is thick, at two inches, which makes the mirror extremely sturdy. It works well for both modern and contemporary room designs and works equally well in either a bedroom or a foyer.

The mirror itself features a true reflection and so you will see your actual image when you look into the mirror with no distortion. It is also a full length mirror.

Installation is easy as it only take a few minutes to attach the hardware and hang the mirror over the door. If you choose to wall mount it hardware is available for that too. There’s also a velcro strip that comes with the mirror to keep it from banging against the door when coming in and out of the room.

It measures 48″ high X 14″ wide X 2″ in depth.

The 5 Best Over-the-Door Cabinets with Mirrors

1. Cabidor Deluxe, Behind The Door Adjustable Cabinet – Best for Kitchen and Bathroom

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest over the door cabinet
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Have a small kitchen or bathroom? Or just have too many items to store? The Cabidor Deluxe is the best option for you. Not only does it add a tremendous amount of storage space with its 9 shelves, without taking up too much room behind the door. And if you’re concerned about whether certain items are going to fit on the shelves, don’t worry, the shelves are completely adjustable.

The materials are high quality engineered wood and the finish is an oil-based enamel that gives it a real polished look. The hangers on the cabinet are also made of high grade steel so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the cabinet will be able to hold the weight of your goods. 

Install is easy. Just take out the existing bolts on your current door hinges, place the cabinet, and the slide the bolts back into the hinges. It simply cannot get any easier than this. There’s also an adapter kit sold by Cabidor if you decide you want to hang it on the front of the door or mount it to a wall. 

It measures 70” high X 16” wide X 4” in depth.

2. Titan Mall Jewelry Armoire with with Full Length Mirror – Best for the Bedroom

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest door cabinet mirror
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

If you’re looking for a door cabinet with mirror that has a sophisticate yet rustic look, look no further. This door mirror can be hung on the door (go figure) but also looks nice mounted to the wall. It comes with six LED lights so you can see your belongings in the morning without having to turn on all the lights. It also comes with a lock so you can keep your valuable jewelry secure.

This particular door cabinet is designed primarily to hold jewelry. It has six slanted earring shelves, a bracelet holder, two bars for hooking necklaces or bracelets, two drawers, five shelves, a ring holder and another holder for larger necklaces. In total, it can hold up to 32 necklaces and 90 earrings. It has space to hold nail polish, lip stick and other cosmetics as well.

The cabinet is made of high quality wood that is warp-resistant. It also has a finished mold-proof surface. The cabinet doors also have magnets to help keep the cabinet door secure when opening and closing the door where the cabinet is hanging.

The mirror itself is full-length and made of real glass. It also designed to provide wide angle viewing.

It measures 47” high X 14.5” wide X 3.7” in depth.

3. Langria Lockable Wall-Mounted Over-The-Door Hanging Jewelry Cabinet – Best Design

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest over the door mirror cabinet
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

Looking for an over-the-door mirror that’s a bit more elegant? Coming in both white and black the Langria over-the-door mirror/cabinet is a great choice. It is made of high density wood and features a carved designed above and below the mirror, adding just the right touch of sophistication.

The 10 LEDs lights will help you to see your jewelry easy when opening the cabinet. There are plenty of slots for rings (84), earrings (70), necklaces/bracelets (32), along with a hanging rod, two drawers, six shelves and one pouch. It also comes equipped with a lock and keys to keep your jewelry secure.

Hanging the cabinet mirror is as simple as hanging it on the door. It has three adjustable heights when it is hung in this fashion. If you choose not to hang it on the door, it does come with hardware for wall mounting as well.

The wood itself is finished with an abrasion-resistant finish that is also moisture-proof as well as anti-corrosive. The mirror is a true mirror, meaning that it reflects your actual dimensions and does not distort your reflection at all.

It measures 48” high X 14.5” wide X 3.5” in depth.

4. Songmics Over-the-Door Jewelry Cabinet Armoire – Best Depth

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest over the door jewelry organizer and cabinet
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

This jewelry armoire is great for those who are looking to house a bit more than just jewelry. With its six drawers, it allows ample room for storing other items such as cosmetics, sunglasses, shoes, or whatever your heart desires. It also features a unique look with its artistic peaked mirror design.

With four and seventh-eighths inches of depth, this is the perfect cabinet for those looking to store bulkier items. It also features storage for 60 rings, 24 necklaces, and 80 earrings. Its earring shelves are also slanted at 60 degrees to help view studs and smaller earrings easily. It also comes with a lock and key for keeping your valuable jewelry safe.

When you open the cabinet the 4 LED lights come on automatically. The way the lights recess into the top of the cabinet is really unique and offers a stylish touch to this cabinet. Couple this with the soft black velvet interior and this is among the most best looking over-the-door mirrors you will come across.

It’s easy to mount this over-the-door cabinet just by hanging it on the door (has three different height settings) or wall mount it using the included hardware.

It measures 47.3” high x 14.4” wide x 4.9″ in depth.

5. AOOU Over-the-Door Jewelry Cabinet and Mirror

Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizersbest door mounted jewelry organizer
Best Over-the-Door Mirrors and Cabinet Organizers

This mirror cabinet is for those who are looking for a jewelry organizer and mirror without giving up too much of the mirror. In fact, the mirror goes top to bottom and edge to edge, otherwise known as frameless. This makes it much more practical as both a jewelry organizer and a mirror.

Another plus on this over-the-door cabinet is its shelving. Unlike most organizers which only have one or two shelves, this one contain five large shelves with plenty of room to store cosmetics, perfumes, and more. It also has three necklace shelves, six earring shelves, one bracelet bar, a spot for nearly 80 rings and two pull-out drawers at the bottom.

It has six LED lights that provide ample lighting when the cabinet is opened. The cabinet is also kept shut with magnets so it does not fly open when opening and closing the door. There’s also a lock and key for safekeeping of your jewelry.

Its warranty is the most impressive of the group with twenty-four months as opposed to the twelve months which comes standard on most over-the-door mirror/cabinets.

It measures 47″ high x 14″ wide x 4″ in depth.

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