10 best wind chimes for home and front porch

The Best Wind Chimes for Your Home

Imagine this… you are sitting in an outdoor space, it is a nice day out, the sun in shining, the birds are chirping, the sky is blue and puffy clouds are rolling across sky. You’re sitting, relaxing, and you have a glass of your favorite beverage next to you. You have nothing to do with the rest of the day, the dishes are done, the laundry is folded, and there are no pressing issues at work.

This is, all things considered, the perfect lazy day, but something is missing. What is it? How about some light music in the background or a beautiful melody? A great way to soothe your ever-worrying mind and focus on the now. A natural and delicate lullaby created by the wind… wind chimes. 

The Wind Chime

What do you imagine when you think of wind chimes? A gentle song in the middle of the night? Wild swinging and clanging in the midst of a storm? While this may be true of old school wind chimes, new designs are coming out every day that are getting rid of these old designs and making ones to fit with every decor or style. 

A typical wind chime is made from metal pipes that are cut at different lengths to make different musical notes. Wider and longer pipes create deeper sounds while skinnier and smaller pipes create higher notes. The pipes are hit by a wooden ball that swings when the wind blows through them. The sounds a wind chime emits can be produced simultaneously or singularly, depending on how many pipes the ball hits.

Today, wind chimes can be made of any material you want. All you need is the materials, some string, an anchor, and your imagination.

History of Wind Chimes

In recent years, scientists have been studying the effects of non-traditional medicine practices and the possible health benefits they can produce. While the results are still inconclusive this doesn’t prevent lots of people from trying it themselves. 

Prior to recent years, wind chimes actually date back to Greek and Roman times! Archeologists believe that wind chimes were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to ward off malevolent spirits that were attempting to make trouble in their neighborhoods. The Chinese culture adopted this belief and used them to ward off evil spirits, but also discovered that birds would be frightened of the sounds so they used them to keep birds away from their crops. Ancient weathermen would use the chimes as warnings for bad weather by measuring the amount the wind would push them around and what direction it would blow.  

Later, the Chinese culture began to appreciate them not only for their practical purposes, but for the melodic sound they would produce. They were also used by Buddhists for meditative purposes. It wasn’t until recently that wind chimes spread to the Western world and began their rise in popularity, which has continued into our lives today. 

Best Wind Chimes for Home

What makes a good wind chime is what you are looking for! Each and every windchime can produce a new and different sound. The most popular materials for wind chimes are wood, metal, and bamboo, but they come in other materials as well. Each material produces a different sound and the length and width of the chimes also affect it as well.

  • Wooden chimes: For people who enjoy more of a natural and soothing sound wooden chimes are probably your best option. Wide and long barrels create deep tones, while the thin and short ones create a higher pitch. They come in multiple different wood types and stains so any style you are attempting to fit it into there is sure to be something.  
  • Bamboo chimes: Bamboo chimes are very similar to wooden ones but they sound more hollow. They can also be found in large or small barrels and can be deep or high pitched depending on your desire. 
  • Metal chimes: These are the chimes that are popular with lots of people, they produce much more sound than the wooden ones, and they are typically more musical. Unlike wood and bamboo, it is much easier for creators to control the sound that these barrels produce and therefore it is easier for them to create tones that will work together and not be contrasting.
  • Other chimes: There are lots of unique chimes you can find as well. Wind chimes can be made from sea shells, glass, plastic, and even potted plants.

Whether you are looking for a wind chime for its beautiful melody or decoration, there are thousands available with your desired style and sound; there is sure to be something to accommodate you. We compiled some the best wind chimes to demonstrate the all that is available online and listed some of the best design styles available for wind chimes.

The 10 Best Wind Chimes

1. Bamboo and Aluminum Wind Chime

best bamboo wind chimes
best quality wind chimes for home and front porch

If you are aiming for a modern yet classic version of a wind chime, this one is a perfect example. If minimalist or modern design is the vibe you are looking for, this is a great addition to your home. The long and sleek barrels create a soft and sweet melodic sound, and the bamboo hexagonal anchor adds a touch of geometry that blends gorgeously.

If you enjoy the delicate tinkling of sounds and a sleek geometric design, this wind chime is perfect for you. It can hang comfortably on a porch or even indoors for a more unique and eccentric accent to your home. It is the perfect gift for yourself or the outdoorsy person in your life. 

2. Woodstock Gregorian Baritone Wind Chime

best quality wind chime
best high quality wind chimes for the home and front porch and back porch

Channel the rich history of wind chimes with this one created by Woodstock Chimes, an industry-leader in quality wind chimes. This classic-looking wind chime has a historic twist and is expertly tuned by the Grammy Award-Winning Musician Garry Kvistad to the opening notes of a Gregorian chant. During the reign of Pope Gregory the First in the Renaissance era, monks created a chant that they sung during the mass. These chimes are tuned to produce the same notes that these monks sang in Renaissance Italy.

The Best Wind Chimes for Your Home

Not only can you relax to the historic melody, but it is a great talking point for you and your guests. It is a perfect gift for a history buff or a music lover. Or, a perfect gift for yourself because after you hear this wind chime you won’t want to give it away.

3. Antique Bamboo Wind Chime

best wood wind chimes
best quality wind chimes for home and front porch

Anyone who is looking for a more natural style will find their dreams answered with this bamboo wind chime. The hollowed bamboo wood makes natural deep tones that echo throughout the space. It is a perfect addition to any zen garden or yoga space, and coincides beautifully with a bohemian or naturalistic design.

If you are not interested in putting it outside, this wind chime is a perfect addition to your home decor and would look stunning surrounded by overgrown plants and hanging in front of a tapestry.  

4. Rainbow Capiz Wind Chime

best glass wind chimes
best quality wind chimes for home and front porch

For the artists in every family this handcrafted and colorful wind chime is an excellent addition. The shell-inspired pieces of glass are creatively arranged and offer a beautiful, soft, melodic sound. If you like this style but don’t want too many colors this wind chime sells in multiple varieties of this design, with different colors and shapes.

Perfect for the artist in your life, this wind chime is a colorful pop for a neutral room, inspiration in an art room, or a great addition to an already colorful space. This design is sure to bring some life to your outdoor space or garden, and maybe some butterflies too!

5. Shimmering Zen Wind Chime

best wind chimes for home and front porch - shimmering
best calming wind chimes

If you like the classic design but aren’t a fan of the typical sound it produces, this chime is an excellent rendition with all the things you want.

This chime is a classic and simplistic style but the harmonies of the chimes are more delicate and light. A seamless blend of classic and bohemian this chime is perfect for a back porch or patio.

It would also make a unique addition hanging indoors; just hang in it front of a tapestry and open the window for a relaxing indoor/outdoor feel.

6. Antique Copper Wind Chimes 

best metal antique wind chimes
best antique wind chimes

If you are looking for a wind chime that is incredibly unique, look no further than this antique copper wind chime. The hip-and-gable designed topper is meant to evoke images of East Asian architecture. This wind chime harkens back to the buddhist influence it came from and seems to be meant for a zen garden or meditation space.

With the bell-style chimes that are always in harmony, this wind chime produces a clear and crisp sound reminiscent of the Far East. You can easily imagine yourself outside sitting in the Quarter Lotus, focusing on your breathing and leaving your worries behind.

7. Brass Tube Wind Chimes

best brass wind chimes
best antique wind chimes

This loud and proud wind chime was designed with music lovers in mind. The pipes of the chime have been tuned to the beginning notes of “Amazing Grace” and these notes play when the wind brushes against them. The copper piping paired with the dark wood is perfectly suited for a dark, modern, and sleek style.

It is easy to imagine this stunner hanging on the patio in front of a pool and playing the iconic song for the world to hear. This wind chime is a perfect gift for musicians and music lovers alike.

8. Red Copper Wind Chimes

best copper wind chimes
best antique wind chimes

The very definition of modern style, is embodied in this minimalist wind chime. Breaking away from the typical style with long pipes and a central pendulum, this chime uses multiple pendulums in the center of multiple copper rings. Each gust of the wind produces a chord of notes that echo together in one beautiful symphony.

This sleek design is slim and long and is so inconspicuous that the only way you know it is there is through the sound it produces. The design is simplistic and can easily fit into any area in a room or outdoor space.

9. Soothing Tubular Decorative Outdoor Wind Chimes

best affordable wind chimes
best waterfall style wind chimes

This gorgeous waterfall design is a piece of artwork meant for display. These sturdy pipes create a surprisingly delicate sound when they swing in the breeze, and are an excellent addition to a back patio or porch area. The wood and pipes are durable and hold up against strong weather so you can keep this beauty for years to come.

It is a perfect gift to give to a long-distance friend so they can think of you whenever they hear the chimes. The sound is both gentle and soothing, not overwhelming like some wind chimes. They’re also extremely affordable for a nice quality wind chime.

10. Color-Changing Crystal Wind Chimes

best quiet color changing wind chimes
best antique wind chimes

One of the most unique wind chimes out there are these colorful LED solar-powered crystal ball wind chimes. This creative wind chime makes no noise but swings and bounces in the wind. The balls light-up and change colors or can be set to stay on one color. The lights charge during the day from a solar panel installed on the top anchor and lights up at night for a fun semi-disco party at night.

This design is perfect for a child who was a hanging mobile in the room. Just set it in front of a window where the sun can access it, and turn it on at night for a colorful display. It is available in different designs such as hummingbird, star, or sphere hangs and is an incredibly unique addition to any room. 

Finding the Perfect Wind Chime

Many different styles of wind chimes exist, from the classic and simplistic designs, to the intricate and unique; there is a style for anyone and everyone. Finding the right one for your space is all about your design style and needs. I personally love a soft sound and colorful glass. 

I imagine myself in a sunroom overflowing with verdant plants, a book in my hands, a mug of coffee in my other, my cat snuggled next to me with the windows slightly opened as the spring breeze lazes through. The delicate sound of glass tinkling in the background and colorful blobs of green and blue dance lazily across the floor. But that is what I imagine, that is what I love, and that is my style.

From the ancient Greeks to today, wind chimes have always been a staple of home and outdoor decor. They are both practical and visually appealing, and can bring together any living space. I hope this article has helped you to find a wind chime that suits your style and tastes. If none of these work for you, you always have the option of making a wind chime yourself.

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